Retail Services


EMPOWER end user services

by integrating retail services aggregating new customer service experience while maintaining the revenue assurance of a prepaid business model.

The Borage Retail Platform (BRP) and its application suite comprise an unprecedented enhanced voice solution.

BRP employs best-in-class technology to provide a feature-rich, carrier-grade environment for the delivery of applications and functionality. The platform incorporates multilingual support for worldwide deployments. Its scalable and multi-functional capabilities are designed with the inherent flexibility to support the intense demand of global, regional, and local telecommunications.

BRP offers enhanced functionalities for user authentication, rating plans and end user billing to support current business models such us Bundled Servicesand Minute Packages.


•Prepaid & Postpaid Authentication for multiple services

•Voice Calling (local & LD)

•Personalization Services including

•IVR Languages

•IVR Call Flows

•Close Group Rating

•Speed Dial

•Third Party Informational Services

•Personal management

•Auto Recharge capabilities

•Recharge by multiple ways




Core Engine:

• Prepaid and Postpaid Services

• Inventory Management

• End user self care

• Operations Management

• Comprehensive Reporting Capabilities

• Wholesale Routing

• International Dialing Plan

• Automatic Invoice Generation

• Speed Dial

• IVR Call Flows

• Balance Transfer

• Rating engine

• By ANI


• Activation fees

• Online and offline charges

• Recurring Charge

• Time of day

• Surcharges based on percentage

• Service Type (Regular, Gold, Platinum)

• Data Rating

• Close Group Rating (Friends and Family)

• Promotional Plan (Day of the week, time of day)

• Recharge Bonus

• Free Minutes for promotional Plan


• Levels of access

• User activity Audit

• Fraud Prevention

• System backup and recovery

• System Alarm and Monitoring


• Personalized environment to empower the user with a self administered portal

• Personal credential

• Automated Recharge policies

• Personal centralized speed dial, Black List,

• Announcements configurable per call flow

• Powerful sip routing engine capable of playing multiple announcements during a single call