Retail platform


Borages Retail Platform

The Borages Retail Platform (BRP) is a state-of-the-art platform, fully scalable solution that can grow as your business evolves. Full featured solution that delivers significant advantages including increased revenues and productivity, geographic redundancy and real time disaster recovery, minimizing technology risks. 

BRP allows the customer the flexibility to add features and services as they become available, increasing value to their business. 



We empower customer business by combining our experience, business knowledge and technology savvy, to provide innovative business applications embedded into our reliable Wholesale platform.

The applications are powered by proprietary algorithms and integrated with artificial intelligence at its core, enabling organizations to compete in the new economy.

The solution integrates a Business Intelligence tool that allows the customer to predict revenue, improve margin, enhance business visibility in real time and productivity upsides, which often far outweigh cost savings alone.

The Borages Retail Platform is a flexible, efficient and scalable solution business needs.